What questions do you have to answer before applying for a loan?

Financial loans, credits and mortgages have grown to be increasingly fashionable in recent years. These days, a person who does not have the “ loan” to a mortgage becomes a slowly endangered varieties or a weirdo. People are capable of borrow virtually anything. This really is also due to the increasing availability of various types and non-purpose loans.

Naturally , this trend, which has arrived at us from America plus Western Europe, has also caused related inconveniences – usually the one being, of course , the failing to handle loan repayments plus subsequent debt. About 10% of bank loan holders were not able to receive their liabilities a year ago. In the case of non-bank loans, the amount of borrowers rose to 15%. Interestingly, the number of non-performing borrowers also varies by area. The catastrophic situation is usually, for example , in the Moravian-Silesian plus Ú stí nad Labem regions, but Central Bohemia is also in a bad placement.

So what perform we do not become component of unflattering statistics? How to pull away a loan, what to watch out for and exactly what to do if we are already in times where we are unable to pay back the loan?

Prevention is about responsibility plus awareness

The best thing we are able to do to avoid getting in difficulty repaying a loan is to believe well about what loan : if any – we are able to afford. Before taking a mortgage, we should ask a few questions:

  • Can I be certain of a steady and enough income for the future? – are you experiencing a stable job, are you not really subject to dismissal or some other problems? If you do business, you need to be even more cautious. Are you sure you will be able to generate sufficient revenue throughout the repayment period?
  • Do I have a “backup plan” if my normal income fails? – When the earnings you have foreseen in order to suddenly disappear, you should have a strategy on how to overcome a difficult time period (such as help through family members, replacement earnings, and so forth ). Another option is certainly not buying another mortgage!
  • Can I pay for a loan at all in my way of living? – Before you take a mortgage, you need to have a solid overview of just how much you spend each month on meals, entertainment, clothing, housing and much more. This is the only way to estimate whether your loan is actually low on your budget. Furthermore take into account some extra reserve to get unexpected situations – basically, if your monthly income will be 15 000 CZK and also you spend 10 000 CZK, the payment of five 000 CZK is too higher.

You can find, of course , more questions in order to answer before applying for financing, but these elements are sufficient to give an idea.

The next step is now getting details. Choosing a suitable provider is essential. On the internet you will find loan comparators that will help you navigate the provide.

Choose a strong customer-oriented provider

Think about a loan, focus not only within the amount of interest and APR but additionally beforehand in how the company deals with non-payers. Study the choices for postponing installments, decreasing installments and other various changes in the event of a financial emergency. It is advisable to consult these issues in advance with all the provider in person and to check out them in the credit contract. Also focus on the fines and sanctions that you are dealing with.

Choose a supplier that will be able to meet your needs. Financial institutions are becoming more willing plus forgiving in this respect, and you can instead get relief here.

Of course , there will become honest non-bank providers just for whom customer satisfaction and zwei staaten betreffend agreement is always more fascinating than disputes and difficult recovery of payments.

Consider supplementary insurance plan

Consider supplementary insurance

If you are in immediate need of a loan yet are concerned that you may not be in a position to repay due to loss of work, business profits or sickness, you may consider special extra insurance.

These types of insurances are offered by insurance providers, but are often mediated straight by the provider (usually banking). You can arrange insurance towards inability to repay, loss of work, incapacity for work, impairment, etc . In the event of an covered event, the insurance company is going to take over the repayment for you.

Although it may audio tempting at first sight. Be careful. The particular conditions are quite cruel (often the insurance company manages in order to twist out of the obligation) plus insurance is quite expensive. Consequently , please read the insurance policy meticulously first.

Nevertheless , if you have real reasons to get worried that an insurance event may happen (of course, never tell the insurance company), insurance coverage may be an option for you to take into consideration – but especially believe well.