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Mason William Dawson, 26, appeared in court for a sentencing hearing. He was present in street clothes alongside his lawyer Shane Mallett. Dawson is accused of violating the terms of a plea agreement, by failing to comply with court-ordered drug treatment program conditions, which Dawson admitted.

Judge Cramer adjourned the sentencing hearing to September 6 and ordered Dawson to attend.

Nicholas Chad Fletcher, 43, of PO Box 245, Littleton, WV appeared in court on Monday August 22 alongside his attorney, Mr. Curry of the Public Defenders Corporation. Fletcher is indicted by the grand jury in a five-count indictment, of attempted burglary, destruction of property, petty larceny, attempted entry into a building other than a dwelling, and destruction Goods. All five charges allegedly took place in Wetzel County. He is also charged in a separate indictment with three additional counts, burglary, destruction of property and petty larceny. In a third indictment, Fletcher is charged with three burglaries, destruction of property and petty larceny.

Wetzel County District Attorney Tim Haught told the court that a plea agreement had been filed in the case, but he was unsure of its status. The defendant agreed to waive the court’s mandate. Judge Cramer ordered Fletcher to return to court on September 29 at 9 a.m. He was then sent back to prison.

John Joseph Hopkins, 36, of 742 Maple Avenue, New Martinsville, charged in a grand jury indictment with first-degree sexual abuse, appeared in court on Monday, August 22, alongside his attorney Howard Klatt for a status hearing. On behalf of his client, Klatt requested that a psychological evaluation take place. There was no objection from Assistant District Attorney Justin Craft. Judge Cramer ordered Hopkins back to court on September 29. He was returned to prison pending the next hearing.

Justin Marcus Stillwagon, 41, appeared in court on Monday, August 22, alongside his attorney, Mr Williams, for a status hearing. Prosecutor Tim Haught told the court he was negotiating with the defendant regarding a settlement in the case. Williams asked the court for a modification of the bonds while they worked on a settlement. Judge Cramer told Williams to file a written motion for bail variation. He then ordered the accused to return to court on September 29. Stillwagon was returned to prison.

Ronald Blaine Hines Jr., appeared in court on Monday, August 22 for a status hearing. He is represented by David White and Kevin Neiswonger. At the hearing, he waived his right to be tried for this term. Judge Cramer ordered him back on September 29, 2022. He is currently free on bail.

Johnathan Richardson appeared in court with his lawyer, Mr Curry. Richardson is wanted in Monroe County, Ohio and on Monday he signed a waiver (extradition rights) document that he is ready to return to Ohio. Judge Cramer said he would give Ohio nine days to pick him up. Richardson was returned to prison.

Natasha Lynn Tedrow, 31, of 380 Virginia Street, New Martinsville, appeared in court Monday, August 22, alongside her attorney Peter Kurelac for a plea hearing. Tedrow was indicted in May 2022 by the Wetzel County grand jury in a two-count indictment for delivery of a methamphetamine controlled substance and possession of a methamphetamine controlled substance.

On Monday, through a plea deal with the state, she pleaded guilty to counting one of the “Delivery of methamphetamine, a controlled substance” indictments.

According to Wetzel County Assistant District Attorney Justin Craft, this individual in turn turned him over to a confidential informant with the Marshall County Drug Task Force.

Judge Cramer sentenced Tedrow to 1 to 15 years in prison with time served credit. She has already served 161 days. After successfully completing six months, she will be released on a Rule 35 petition and placed on two years probation. She can be released on September 6 and must report to the Wetzel County probation office as soon as she is released. She was returned to prison to complete her sentence.

Larry Richard Hafer, 69, of 173 Elm Street, New Martinsville, appeared in court on Tuesday, August 23, alongside his attorney Shane Mallett for a scheduled plea deal hearing. Hafer was charged in a May 2022 grand jury indictment with one count of possession of a controlled substance methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court “They found methamphetamine in my house.” District Attorney Tim Haught said several local people lived with Hafer and he was arrested by the New Martinsville Police Department.

Hafer faced a sentence of 1 to 15 years, but was placed on three years’ supervised probation. After successfully completing his probation, his guilty plea will be dropped and disappear from his record. Judge Cramer will defer entering the guilty plea for the three-year period.

Rachel Lilze, 48, of 637 5th Street, New Martinsville, is charged by the grand jury with welfare fraud. She appeared in court on Tuesday, August 23, representing herself for a scheduled plea hearing. Wezel County District Attorney Tim Haught told the court his office had taken every precaution regarding Ms Lilze not being represented by an attorney.

Lilze accepted a plea deal which carried a sentence of 1 to 5 years. However, she was sentenced to three years of supervised probation. Her plea is postponed for three years and if she successfully completes her probation, her plea will disappear. She must also return $11,111 to the order of the court, which will pass it on to DHHR. Judge Cramer recommends that he establish a payment schedule with the DHHR.

Cynthia Lea Loy, 47, of 128 North 2nd Avenue, Paden City, WV, appeared in court Tuesday with her attorney, Mr. Curry, of the Public Defenders Corporation. She is charged by the grand jury in two separate indictments with one count of delivering heroin, a controlled narcotic substance. His hearing on Tuesday was for a bail change. She was sent back to jail pending bail modification.

Laken Alexis Couch, 28, of New Martinsville, was in court on Tuesday alongside her attorney, Mr Curry, for a Bond modification hearing. She is charged with the misdemeanor of shoplifting. Curry asked the court to release her from jail so she could go to rehab. She was returned to jail pending the necessary paperwork to be filed.

Michaela Alleman, 25, appeared in Wetzel County Court on Tuesday for a sentencing hearing. She was represented by the Public Defenders Corp. It was reported that she was held in Monroe County Jail from October 2021 to April 2022. She is currently incarcerated in West Virginia. Judge Cramer ordered that a preliminary investigation report be prepared by the probation office. She was sent back to prison.

Jasmine Brooke Holthaus, 21, of 645 Maple Avenue, New Martinsville, charged by the grand jury with delivering a controlled substance, methamphetamine, appeared before Judge Cramer on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, in county circuit court of Wetzel for a bond modification hearing.

Prosecutor Tim Haught objected to the bond change saying she fled from Officer Johnston in the trial court and he caught her. His only chance other than going to the penitentiary is to wash up.

Her solicitor, Mr Curry, said if she didn’t get help she wouldn’t stay long. Justice Cramer took the matter under advisement. He denied her bail reduction and sent her back to jail.

Joseph Hayden Haught, 20, of 161 Monet Run Road, Reader, WV is charged in a seven-count grand jury indictment with computer soliciting a minor. He appeared in court on Tuesday on a capius warrant for a scheduled status hearing. His attorney, Mr. Curry, asked his client to have a jurisdictional hearing. Prosecutor Tim Haught said the state was frustrated with him. He also said he did not believe he was a flight risk or a danger to the community. Judge Cramer released him from his old bond and probation with a GPS ankle bracelet.


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