LOUDER.ai is already increasing the reach of local, regional and national campaign ads


NEW YORK, August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Louder.ai, the nonprofit and political advertising platform for candidates and causes, already operates at local, state and national levels, according to its CEO Guillaume Gorfein.

Louder.ai equips each ad with a link that makes the ad “re-fuelable” by supporters who simply click to donate and instantly increases the ad’s budget. Using Louder.ai technology, impactful ads can “go further” as they are seen on the internet and digital TV, gaining followers and snowballing into their budgets.

“It is extremely gratifying,” Gorfein said, “to see that our advertising platform is already being noticed and embraced by local, state and national candidates, political action committees and nonprofit causes. Just months after our technology was manufactured, we have candidates and causes recognizing that they can either run “one-of-a-kind” ads or run ads that invite donors to continue. We believe that should be a decision easy.

Gorfein presented the advertising technology platform Louder.ai to an international gathering of entrepreneurs, investors and software developers in Houston, TX this week, while meeting with political advisory groups and candidates.

“I have the enviable job,” Gorfein said, “of telling people about a new idea that seems like it should have been around a long time, but doesn’t – advertisements that invite people to put some money behind them and get the vote for the candidates they want to elect or raise awareness for the causes they care about. Louder.ai is another way for people to make an impact in the world. They simply click on our megaphone when they see it on an ad. It allows them to fund the ad. And, boom, that ad is reaching more and more people.

Ads powered by Louder.ai have already seen donors add very significant funding beyond the initial ad budgets. “This is the first time that human beings have been asked to donate money to contribute to the budgets of advertisements they see ‘in the wild’, whether on the internet or on digital television, and they do. It’s a new business process that we’ve invested a lot of time and thought into bringing to market and protecting via intellectual property, and our team couldn’t be more committed to making it the gold standard. that running ads through Louder.ai could prove to be a competitive advantage in political races across the country and around the world.”

Louder.ai’s initial investors include New YorkProactive Capital Partners and Houstonbased on Softeq Venture Studio.

Tiffany Barthelemy
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